Katja de Vries in a World of Ubiquitous Computing

research on the interaction between law, philosophy and personalized technologies

Katja de Vries


Katja de Vries studied at Sciences Po in Paris, obtained three masters degrees with distinction at Leiden University (in both Civil Law, Cognitive Psychology and Philosophy of a Specific Discipline) and graduated in 2007 at the University of Oxford (M.Jur.). She worked at Leiden University as a research assistant in Theoretical Psychology (2001-2002) and in Roman Law (2003-2005). Since September 2007 she is a PhD student in Legal Philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels) within the "Law and autonomic computing. A mutual transformation process"-project.

Her research is focused on the collisions and interactions between legal and technological modes of thinking. More in particular she studies the impact of advanced data technologies (e.g. profiling and data mining) on legal semantics.

Some of the authors which influenced her thought (in alphabetic order): Alain Badiou, Lorraine Daston, Jacques Derrida, Costas Douzinas, Michel Foucault, Serge Gutwirth, Ian Hacking, Katherine Hayles, Martin Heidegger, Mireille Hildebrandt, Bruno Latour, Lawrence Lessig, Wouter Oudemans, Isabelle Stengers, Bernard Stiegler, Daniel Solove, Fransisco Varela, Norbert Wiener.